Methods of Ordering
Orders may be placed by phone, fax or email.

Confirmation of Orders

Customer will be contacted with the total for the order including shipping and applicable taxes as soon as the order is received.  A 30% deposit may be required upon order confirmation. We accept only payments in cash, by debit, Visa or MasterCard.

Prices and Applicable Taxes
- Prices
DO NOT include shipping cost which is subject to quote.
- Orders shipped to the U.S.: prices
DO NOT include any taxes and duties.
- Orders shipped to Canada: G.S.T. / H.S.T. apply. Ontario customers pay 8% P.S.T.

Methods of Shipping
- Orders are shipped out of Ontario, Canada.
- Cost of shipping will be quoted upon confirmation of order.
- Orders with a quantity for shipping in boxes will be shipped by regular ground service.
- Orders in larger quantity will be shipped on pallets by trucking company subject to confirm.

Shipping Time
- Customers should allow at least 2-3 weeks for orders to be ready for shipment.
- U.S. customers should allow extra time for customs clearing. Fantastik Trading is not responsible for any damages or losses resulting from the delay due to customs
- Customers must specify the date by which the order must arrive.
- Customers should allow extra time for the clearing of funds in the case of payments other than credit cards.

Final Payment
- Customers will be contacted as soon as the order is ready for shipping.
- Balance of the order payment must be paid in full before the order is shipped.
- We accept only payments in cash, by debit, VISA or MasterCard. No cheques.
- In the case of payment by credit cards, customers are required to sign the credit card payment authorization form and agree to pay a charge of US$ 25.00 for any credit
  card payment accidentally charged back.   

Returns and Claims
- Sales are considered final and no returns are accepted.
- Claims for shortages or damages must be reported within 3 days after order is received.
- Damaged or defective merchandise will be replaced as soon as possible.
- We do no guarantee the arrival of the replacement by the date of the event the merchandise is ordered for.
 How To Order
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