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Backdrops / Gazebos / Chuppahs
Centerpieces / Candelabras
Money Boxes / Cake Stands
Arches / Aisle Markers
Light-up Effects
Decor Fabrics
Floral Display
Store Display

- Manufacturer of exclusive creations in simply
   and elegant designs.
- Versatile design allows products to be
   transformed into different   configurations for
   big savings.
- User-friendly self-assemble design for cost
   effective shipping and easy transportation.
- Flexibility for modification of designs and sizes.
- Plenty of color options.
- Reliable customer support for timely delivery
   and custom orders.
 Fantastik Trading Ltd. and Products
- Feel free to talk to us for any custom designs or
  add-on's to our products.
 Create Your Own Design
- Contact us for a worldwide shipping quote.
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